Our Suppliers

We believe in understanding the ‘provenance’ of all of our ingredients and we have built strong relationships with farmers, fishermen, producers and suppliers of all sizes, many of whom supply to top restaurants up and down the country. This means that we are confident in the knowledge that the ingredients you receive are always of the highest quality.

We are always looking to work with conscientious suppliers, if you would be interested in partnering with us or if you have a recommendation, please contact us here.

Mal is the owner of Cook & Carve, Appleyards, a small holding and is the proud father to the family pig, Duchess.

Mal has run his businesses for over 30 years and is locally renowned for the quality of his produce. He prides himself on the care that goes into the rearing of their animals, hand making as many of their products as they can and customer service. Cook and Carve primarily provide us with cured meat, artisan cheese, black pudding, bacon and pancetta.

John has worked with Corbetts for over 30 years and took ownership of the company some 20 years ago.

Primarily working from the local market (Shrewsbury) he provides high quality meat to countless restaurants all over Shropshire. John has a passion for sourcing and providing high quality produce, specifically game and poultry.

Having worked in every area of the wine industry over the years Robin has always had a passion and love for wine.

Iron and Rose specialise in bio-dynamic and organically produced natural wines. We have personally used Iron and Rose for many meals around our table and with his and his team’s breadth and wealth of knowledge and their love of food means they have always impressed us with their pairings. Robin is more than happy to provide you with recommendations to accompany your meal.

Barksworth Seafood has been trading for over 20 years. 

They pride themselves on sourcing directly from small independent suppliers, family companies and straight from the day boats across the UK. Ian’s ethos is to source sustainable fish where the fishmongers, fishermen and handlers care about providing high quality fish for customers.

Josh Hales runs The Shropshire Boar Company from his farm in south Shropshire. 

Josh lovingly tends to his boar, feeding them quality grain and providing them with natural woodland to run around in packed full of acorn trees and other shrubs that the boar feed on between feedings from Josh. Our ‘Ultimate Bangers and Mash’ feature his delicious wild boar sausages, they really are a game changer.

The Morgan family have been master butchers for over 200 years and have won countless awards for their produce.

Like us, they believe in the provenance of the produce and only buy from farmers they trust and respect. They are renowned for their sausages (national Supreme Champion and Britain’s Best Sausage), bacon, dry aged beef, heritage lamb, rare breed pork. Their butchery heritage, quality of the ingredients and their ethos is why we have personally shopped with them for many years.