Below you will find all of our available starters.

Remember - you will be preparing all of the dishes so please make sure you check the preparation time and skill level for the dish so that you know what to expect.
To keep things simple we recommend that, where possible, you choose the same dish for each guest. This will make sure that you're not juggling too many pots and pans.

Brabacan Salad

A warm salad of crispy duck, smoked pancetta and black pudding

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Aubergine ‘Caviar’, Goat’s Cheese Potato Puffs & Mackerel Pate

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Crab & Spinach Salad

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Goat's Cheese & Squash Salad

A hand turned Goat’s cheese covered in ash is the star of this complex layered salad.

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Mackerel Pate

served on sliced baguette with Granny's redcurrant jelly

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Three Cheese Croquettes

served with Granny's crab apple jelly

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