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Galician Bone-In Sirloin

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Our Galician Bone- In Sirloin is decadently marbled, and perfect for any steak lover. The meat is hung for a minimum of 40 days.

Perfect to share between two-three, this very special cut of meat is sourced from Northern Spain. The cows are free to roam naturally and grow until they are 8-12 years old. This longer life span allows the cow to develop a higher fat content providing us with incredible flavouring and impressive marbling. This meat is used in some of the best restaurants across Europe and the UK – and now you can enjoy it in your home.

The sirloin comes from the loin area of the rib, the fat runs around the exterior and because our sirloin is taken from old cows the marbling content throughout the meat is also high giving it intense flavour.

You’ll cook your meat on the bone to maintain moisture and flavour throughout the cooking process. We’ll send you our preferred methods for cooking, with all of the timings so that you can cook your sirloin to perfection.

What’s included:
• Galician Sirloin (bone-in)
• Fresh Rosemary
• Farmhouse Butter
• Cooking Recommendation


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