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The Grill Box

FROM £32.50 per person

Choose your meat or fish from the 'Grill Options' below.

To accompany your meat or fish you’ll make the following sides:
Heritage Tomato Salad
Endive & Burrata Salad
Brown Butter New Potatoes

Please note that we will send you enough ingredients to make sides for the number of people you have ordered meat or fish for. This means if you ordered Galician Prime Rib for 4 and Turbot for 4 you will receive enough sides for 8 people.

Grill Options

Number of People

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Simply choose your meat or fish:
Galician Prime Rib
Sea Bass

To accompany your meat or fish you’ll make the following sides:
Heritage Tomato Salad
Endive & Burrata Salad
Brown Butter New Potatoes

Your box will contain:

- All the ingredients to create your meal
- A hosting guide with complete recipes and timelines to ensure a smooth and delicious hosting experience

Each piece of meat or fish comes with it's own marinade/preparation instructions, so please bear this in mind when ordering. All of the marinades are simple and quick to prepare and once you've got the recipe, you can use them time and again.

We recommend the marinating is done at least two hours before cooking, preferably the night before. This means that you'll need to make sure that you have enough room in the fridge if you decide to order a selection of meat/fish.

Prep = 1 hour preparation
Allow a minimum of 2 hours to marinate before cooking
Serve = 20 minutes cooking/serving time

Galician Prime Rib - This very special cut of meat is sourced from Northern Spain. The cows are free to roam naturally and grow until they are 8-12 years old. This longer life span allows the cow to develop a higher fat content, providing us with incredible flavouring and impressive marbling.

Piri Piri Poussin - If you've not cooked poussin before then don't worry. We give you a step by step lesson on how to spatchcock and cook this delicate bird. We also share our Piri Piri marinade that you'll use time and again!

Whole Sea Bass - If you're looking for a centrepiece for your BBQ, this is it. Marinated to provide a gentle Thai inspired flavour this sea bass is simply melt in your mouth delicious and adds real flare to your BBQ.

Tranche of Turbot - Turbot is by far one of our favourite fish and if you're looking for a little piece of luxury this fish provides just that. Marinaded in white wine and fish stock this fish is meaty and full of flavour.

Swordfish - If you're looking to offer something a little different to your guests then this delicious swordfish marinated in a gentle mix of lemon, fresh and dried herbs and a healthy glug of olive oil might just be the answer.

Whichever meat or fish you choose from our grill boxes, you'll also be provided with the ingredients to create three delicious sides. You will enjoy a fresh heritage tomato salad, hot and delicious brown butter new potatoes and a crunchy endive and burrata salad.

Fish, Dairy
If you require assistance with allergens/dietary requirements please contact directly at

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