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Father's Day Gift Ideas - Celebrate with The Host's Pantry

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Celebrate with The Host's Pantry

Whether you celebrate Father’s Day with a small nod of appreciation or shower him in gifts and adoration, we at The Host’s Pantry have created a collection of gifts to pay homage to your Father, at whatever level you choose.

Steaks and Tipples

This year, we have paired up our bestselling premium steaks with the choice of a tipple, perfect for dads who are steak connoisseurs. Treat your dad to our mouthwatering Galician prime rib or UK ex-dairy sirloin. You can choose to pair the steaks with a delicious bottle of rioja or three bottles of pale ale – whichever your old man would prefer!

Our Galician prime rib is a special cut sourced from Northern Spain, where cows roam freely and develop a higher fat content, resulting in incredible flavour and marbling. It's often referred to as the Spanish Wagyu. On the other hand, our UK ex-dairy sirloin is beautifully aged, farmed in the UK, and offers deep flavour and beautiful marbling. We prioritise regenerative farming practices to ensure the highest standard of meat and a better quality of life for the animals.

Cooking Made Easy

 Worried about cooking these cuts of meat to perfection? Don't be! We provide you with our preferred cooking methods and timings, so you can achieve the perfect cook every time. Each steak comes wrapped with a fresh sprig of rosemary, a chunk of farmhouse butter, and is delivered in our insulated and recyclable packaging.

Create your Own Menu or Choose a Recipe Box

If you're looking to make a bigger gesture this Father's Day, nothing shows appreciation like cooking a delicious meal. Visit our website to design your dad's perfect menu and create a storm in the kitchen. Alternatively, choose from our curated recipe boxes for a hassle-free cooking experience.

 BBQ Boxes for a Memorable Celebration

Planning a bigger celebration with extended family? Take it alfresco with our BBQ boxes. Let us help you pull off an incredible menu for Father's Day, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for or if you prefer something more bespoke, feel free to contact us directly at We're here to assist you in creating the perfect Father's Day celebration.

 However you choose to celebrate Father's Day, The Host's Pantry wishes you a wonderful weekend filled with joy and appreciation. Explore our wide range of gift options and meal ideas to make this Father's Day truly special.


Check out our Father’s Day collection here!

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