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Tablescaping: Our Top tips

Tablescaping: Our Top tips


noun [C]


The arrangement of items on a table that produces an attractive or decorative effect. Or, put simply – the art of laying a beautiful table.

Tablescaping has soared in popularity on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest in recent years and it’s easy to see why. What started as something you only put a lot of thought into for weddings, has now become an art form in its own right!
Whilst wedding tablescapes and Christmas tablescapes are the most well-known, tablescaping is a great opportunity to introduce a bit of personality and flair into something as everyday as the dinner table.
From foraging in the garden for bits of greenery to purposefully mismatching crockery and cutlery for a kitschy feel – tablescaping can be a thrifty game and one the whole family can get involved in.


Our Tablescaping Top Tips

1. Get Thrifty

It’s a great excuse to visit the local charity shop or your favourite antique shop for decorative bowls or centrepieces or get crafting with your children to create beautiful place settings.


2. Embrace Mismatch

It’s all about playing with depth and height – so don’t feel like the table has to have lots of matching items of the same size and shape. Elegant tall candles can pair beautifully with dainty tea lights and little jars of handpicked flowers from the garden will rarely look out of place next to a bouquet from the florist.

3. Don’t Forget the Food!

Remember to consider what you’re serving when decorating your table, if you need space in the middle of the table throughout the meal choose to decorate with something you can remove easily or remember to leave space. Foliage is simple, elegant, and when delicately placed – you can’t go wrong.​

4. Light It Up

Candles. We never like to forget the ambience and once the meal is over, you want the table to stay romantic and cosy. Again, judge your candles on what you’re serving and where people are sitting. If you’re using tall candles or candelabras, remember they can block people from seeing each other – which can be annoying when playing board games after your meal! Alternatively, tall candles make passing things from one side of the table to the other easy, which can be useful when hosting big family events such as Christmas dinner. 
5. Make Practical, Pretty
If serving food in the middle of the table in a hot serving dish, you will need to protect your table with some sort of heat-proof mat. They aren’t always the most attractive of things so you can tablescape around it. We would recommend putting them underneath your tablecloth so that it doesn’t ruin your aesthetic.
It’s a great time of year to get to grips with the art of tablescaping. There is a wealth of blogs out there with Christmas tablescaping inspiration, so do a little research and have a try!
There are no unleash your creativity!
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