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Cicchetti Menu 2 - Prawns, Squid and Bavette

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Cicchetti is a style of Venetian Tapas, the word “cicchetti” (pronounced “chi-KET-tee”) — said to derive from the Latin “ciccus,” meaning “little”. The term embraces a broad range of small dishes. Our cicchetti menus give you a fabulous range of vegetable, fish and meat dishes with authentic flavours that will take you straight to the calli of Venice. This sharing menu is perfect to enjoy with friends and family. We will guide you through the serving process, taking care of all the timings so that you can serve the dishes together, hot and fresh.

Kale and Cannellini Beans:
Every cicchetti menu needs a vegetable dish, and we think your guests will love our kale with cannellini beans.
In this delicious dish you’ll simmer kale and cannellini beans in chicken stock flavoured with garlic and cayenne, before topping with parmesan breadcrumbs and baking until crisp and golden. A truly stunning vegetable dish that perfectly accompanies the rest of our Cicchetti menu.

Mushroom Arancini:
Arancini are a must on any cicchetti menu, and we think you’ll devour these delicious mushroom arancini.
To begin you’ll make our delicious chestnut mushroom risotto that’s delicately flavoured with shallots, parsley and parmesan. Once rolled into balls and coated in breadcrumbs you’ll then fry until golden. The beauty of this dish is everything can be prepared ahead of time and they can be re-heated in the oven just ahead of serving.

Prawns alla Busara:
We couldn’t give you a cicchetti menu without including Gamberi, a true classic that brings sunshine to any table.
Gamberi alla busara or prawns in tomato sauce is summer in a bowl. Beautiful king prawns are cooked in a rich tomato sauce, flavoured with garlic and parsley. This recipe shows off flavourful, simple Venetian cooking and the quality of our succulent king prawns. We highly recommend dunking your bread into the sauce!

Squid and Nduja:
A fabulous addition to any chichetti menu, this simple dish is packed with flavour and showcases the quality of the ingredients.
Our squid and nduja is a quick and easy dish to cook but is bursting with flavour. You’ll fry the nduja with tomatoes to create a juicy sauce full of spices and Calabrian chillies released from the nduja giving the sauce a spicy kick and a deep red colour. You’ll then flash fry the squid in the sauce to create a truly moreish dish. We highly recommend dunking your bread in to the sauce!

UK Bavette with Salsa Verde:
The perfect meat dish to share with your guests, our stunning bavette is sure to impress.
Our UK bavette is an English classic which we’ve paired with a beautiful Italian Salsa Verde. You’ll marinade the steak with garlic, thyme and rosemary before cooking to your preference. Once rested, the steak is sliced and drizzled with the fresh, green Salsa Verde which cuts through the richness of the bavette.

Our UK ex-dairy bavette is one of our favourite cuts of meat, not as well-known as ‘flat iron’ or ‘skirt steak’ but it’s packed full of flavour. A very lean cut of meat that’s tender, full of rich beefy flavour and loosely textured. Our UK ex-dairy meat comes from cows that are at least 7 years old who have been put out to pasture after their milking career, 5 years older than the average slaughter age. This is a sustainable farming practise that not only allows the animals to have a more fulfilled life but also provides a much higher quality meat.

Charcuterie Board:
The Cicchetti Menu includes a delicious Charcuterie board with a mix of cured ham and cheese with a crusty baguette.

Kale and Cannellini Beans: 15 mins
Mushroom Arancini: 90 mins*
Prawns alla Busara: 30 mins
Squid and Nduja: 5 mins
UK Bavette with Salsa Verde: 15-25 mins

*There will be an hour in the middle of the preparation whilst the risotto mixture is cooling. This will allow you to move on to complete some of the other cicchetti preparation tasks.

20 mins

Here's a List of the Required Equipment for the Meal.

• Large saucepan
• Medium saucepan
• Sharp knife
• Wooden spoon
• 4 bowls
• Baking tray
• Ladle
• Serving bowl
• Kitchen roll
• Serving dish x3
• Fork
• Chopping board
• 2 frying pans
• Kettle
• Measuring jug
• Baking sheet
• Hand blender/food processor
• 2 Mixing bowls

These are staple kitchen cupboard ingredients that we do not include in the box.

• Salt and pepper
• Cayenne
• Vegetable oil
• Olive oil
• Tomato paste
• Dijon mustard

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