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We’re not just all about the finished dish, here at The Host’s Pantry.

We’re not just all about the finished dish, here at The Host’s Pantry.

One of the most important to thing to us as a business and as people, is where our food comes from.

We only work with suppliers who we really believe in, and we thought with the launch of our new Produce range, we’d give you a bit of insight into exactly what you’re getting, when you order from The Host’s Pantry.


All our boar is sourced from a great guy called Josh, over at The Shropshire Boar Company. The boar are free to roam around the Shropshire woodlands his family own and when they aren’t full from foraging for acorns, roots, insects and wild plants, they are fed an all-natural diet. We’ve been to the farm numerous times, and we’re always struck by just how much time and effort goes into the rearing of these wonderful animals.

Galcian Prime Rib

The meat for our Galician Prime Rib and our Galician Bone-In Sirloin, comes from (not surprisingly) Galicia in Northern Spain. The cows there are free to roam naturally and grow until they are 8-12 years old. This longer life span allows the cow to develop a higher fat content providing us with incredible flavouring and impressive marbling, hence it’s nickname - Spanish Wagyu! We recently received a note from a customer who is actually from Galicia, who was thrilled to be enjoying something from his local region!

On the flip side, our Ex-Dairy Bone-in Sirloin, is farmed here in the UK. The cows are put out to pasture for at least 4 years after their milking years are complete, which allows the animal a better quality of life and it provides us with a much higher standard of meat, deep flavour and beautiful marbling. This sustainable approach to farming is one that we support


All our pre-made desserts are sourced from Gill’s Puddings in Market Drayton in the heart of the Shropshire Countryside.

Gill began her career as head chef in her parent’s farmhouse restaurant; the restaurant quickly gained a reputation for excellent food, particularly the dessert trolley. Gill’s Puddings was born in 1996. Since then, Gill and husband Kim, along with their team, have been creating award winning desserts which are handcrafted by their passionate and talented team of pastry chefs using the finest ingredients, including Belgian chocolate, fresh dairy cream and local free-range eggs.


We work with two main suppliers for our wonderful vegetables.

Firstly, Chris who runs an organic farm near Nesscliffe in North West Shropshire. Chris grows as much as he can on his organic farm and some of our favourites include his amazing tomatoes, homegrown spinach, tender stem broccoli, sprouts and sprout tops. His other items are supplemented by his relationships at Birmingham market, where he hand-picks items such as blood oranges and lots of other incredible fruits, from his favourite suppliers at the market.

We also work with Rowlands of Shropshire, a vegetable wholesaler who supply incredible produce to restaurants and stores throughout the Shropshire and surrounding counties. They have incredible access to locally produced vegetables and great working relationships with local farmers and are particularly good at sourcing those tough to find items.

We hope this gave you a better insight into something we’re passionate about, here at The Host’s Pantry!

Let us know if you ever would like to know a little more about exactly what’s on your plate when you order from us, and we’d be delighted to share it with you.

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